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Raising Awareness of Plastic Usage - REthink: Start The Change!

Links & Tips

On this page we list some further links you can follow to proceed informing yourself about plastics and our environment in general.

+ The Ocean Cleanup is a great idea of cleaning the ocean from microplastics.
+ Andreas Froese from ECO-Tecnologia presents great ideas what to do with old plastic bottles and many more.

REthink is a project of

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What WE do to use less plastics

"I'm talking a lot with other people about plastic usage, since I feel that our generation still not have enough awareness for this topic. Every person I'm in contact with needs to think about what and where he or she buys things. Change starts in your head!" - Anthea Eichstetter, Team "Experiments"

"I take food and beverages with me using glass boxes and bottles. When I go shopping I use either a paper bag from the supermarket or a textile bag I brought myself." - Maria Obermeier, Team "Design"

Presentation of REthink