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Raising Awareness of Plastic Usage - REthink: Start The Change!

Creative Reusage of Plastics

In this part a few ideas concerning reasonable recycling of existing plastic waste are shown. It is divided in two parts. The first one shows how third world countries use plastic waste to make their life easier. The second one deals with ideas to use our plastic waste in a responsible or creative way.

REthink is a project of

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What WE do to use less plastics

"I take food and beverages with me using glass boxes and bottles. When I go shopping I use either a paper bag from the supermarket or a textile bag I brought myself." - Maria Obermeier, Team "Design"

"I cook my own laundry detergent and do only use special soap and solid shampoo bars for my personal hygiene. Doing so not just avoids buying plastic bottles over and over again, the used products also consist of 100% bio-degradable ingredients." - Kerstin Ludwig, Team "Website"

Presentation of REthink