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Raising Awareness of Plastic Usage - REthink: Start The Change!

Meet the REthink Team

On this page we would like to present the five teams and their members who take part in creating and managing the project. It reflects the complete class 13G of FOSBOS Straubing, which include 27 persons as well as the responsible teacher.


StR Felix Armbruster
Teacher for English, history lessons and social studies.
Environmental representative of the school

Team "Content"

Judith Seil
Benedikt Fries
Friederike Gronwald
Sarah Sasic
Elena Birk

Team "Experiments"

Anthea Eichstetter
Lena Loibl
Nora Müller
Anna-Lena Stiersdorfer
Laura Thalmeier
Elena Wolf
Paula Schlosser
Maria Krieger

Team "Design & Poster"

Nicole Spielbauer
Sebastian Conrad
Maria Obermeier
Vanessa Krempl
Julia Pledl
Lisa Ernst
Laura Maier
Theo Dambeck

Team "Public Relations"

Franzi Wimmer
Tabitha Völkl
Vincent Baier

Team "Website Development"

Kerstin Ludwig
Büsra Inal
Jana Hamperl

Meet the class 13G of FOSBOS Straubing:


For more information regarding our school please visit the official school's home page!

REthink is a project of

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What WE do to use less plastics

"I take food and beverages with me using glass boxes and bottles. When I go shopping I use either a paper bag from the supermarket or a textile bag I brought myself." - Maria Obermeier, Team "Design"

"I drink water from glass bottles only. When I've got no paper bag or basket with me when I go shopping, I take one of the cardboard boxes there instead of buying a plastic bag. My hint: Buy fruits and vegetables separately on the market." - Sebastian Conrad, Team "Design"

"I cook my own laundry detergent and do only use special soap and solid shampoo bars for my personal hygiene. Doing so not just avoids buying plastic bottles over and over again, the used products also consist of 100% bio-degradable ingredients." - Kerstin Ludwig, Team "Website"

"Avoiding plastics at everydays shopping trip is not as difficult as you think. I only buy yoghurt and milk filled in glass bottles, pasta only packaged in cardboard boxes." - Nicole Spielbauer, Team "Design"

"I won't take a plastic bag - no matter how stuffed my bag is already! The things I bought can always be transported anyhow." - Paula Schlosser, Team "Experiments"

Presentation of REthink